Here are the common types of pit bulls and some critical information about them.

American Pit Bull Terrier

These pit bulls tend to suffer from dysfunction of thyroid, heart diseases, patella problems and hip dysplasia. They are best groomed with bristle brush and need regular bath with a dry shampoo. Shedding is about average though. They need long daily walks too.

Litter Size is about 5 to 10 puppies and prices range from $300 to $3000

American Staffordshire Terrier

This is a disease prone pit bull that can suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, thyroid dysfunction, luxating patella, congenital heart condition and cerebellar ataxia. They are even prone to autoimmune diseases, skin allergies, osteoarthritis and even spondylosis. They need to be groomed regularly and tend to shed average. Need long walks on a regular basis but also have to be trained to always heel and walk beside the owner and not enter doors or gates first.

Litter size is again about 5 to 10 puppies but price for a pup does not exceed $500.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These dogs tend to suffer from PHPV or HC but both can be avoided by simply taking a look at the parents to find if they too have the condition. Other problems include gas and hip dysplasia. They are not heavy shedders and thus need regular grooming with weekly baths. These dogs have a lot of stamina and hence a lot of exercise is a must. The litter size usually is about 5 to 7 puppies and cost per pup can be anywhere from $300 to $1500.