Pit Bull Aggression

It is often said that Pit Bulls do not let go. Yes, they don’t usually let go. Because of their enthusiasm levels and high energy levels, they tend to keep grasp of their bite for much longer than any other dog does.

The fact is that pit bulls have been selectively bred for dogfighting, ratting and other blood sports. Obviously they have a higher jaw strength than regular dogs. However, it is not this that causes them to be feared. When a pit bull bites, it doesn’t just bite. It bites, holds and then shakes. This causes maximum damage that at times has been compared with a shark bite! While it was beneficial inside the blood pit, as a domesticated breed it does tend to make for a dangerous situation. In a particular Supreme Court hearing, it was noted that a major defining characteristic of the entire breed is that they inflict much more grievous wound than other breeds. Their attack usually targets the deep muscles and causes soft tissue damage.

In fact, if you own a pit bull, always carry a break stick with you. This is just in case your pit bull decides to get into a fight because without it you really will not be able to pry your dog away. This tool however cannot be used with any other dog breed because that will cause injury to the victim, be it human or canine or otherwise.

To demonstrate the tenacity of a Pit Bull, during a courtroom trial, the Dog Warden showcased a video of how a tranquilized pit bull kept its grip on the piece of meat even as it drifted off to unconsciousness.