Myths Busted

Pit bulls are actually the most misunderstood and maligned breeds and here are some of the myths propagating about them on the internet.

Locking Jaws

The fact is a Pit bull’s jaw is no different in physical mechanism or in any other way from that of any other dog breed. They just tend to grab hold of anything with a lot of enthusiasm and plus have a characteristic bite and shake style that just makes it look like locking jaws. Once they bite something they do not like releasing it. If trained they can actually release on command so how is it really locking jaws.

Vicious Breed

Sorry but no, Pit bulls are not vicious. They are easy to train towards aggression and some people take advantage of this turning them into monsters. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. It is wrong to discriminate racial against on breed just as it is wrong to do so against any human race.

Aggressive to All

Pit bulls are aggressive by nature but they are not overtly aggressive. Only when trained to display aggression are they attacking. Sarah Palin from says, “Otherwise they make for friendly, dedicated and loyal companions.”

Puppy Is Always Better

Sorry folks but if you thought that adopting a Pit bull puppy would reduce the risks then think again. This breed may have once fought inside a pit and ratted too but that was long ago. Now these breeds are just as family oriented as your Alsatian breed. However, adopting a puppy will not take away its inherent traits. It can be friendly to all, including other pets and dogs but then suddenly after adulthood display signs of aggression. Puppies eventually develop their own attitude and behavior, no matter the breed.