About Pit Bulls

If we see from a legal standpoint, a pit bull is actually an entire class of dogs and not just a single breed. Under this class fall the Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier and any mixed breed that combines either of the previously mentioned breed. Later on the American bulldog breed too fell under the classification of Pit Bulls. The reason for all of them falling together in the same category dates back to history when blood sport of bull baiting was played using these specific breeds.

The History

Bull Baiting as a blood sport began well over 1000 years ago in England. However, by the late 1500s bull baiting had become a national pastime for Britain. In fact, by the early 1600s, Bulldog became part of the language and referred to the function a dog played rather than an entire breed. However, through selective breeding, by 1800, the bulldog became a rather muscular and compact dog that had huge jaw strength. However, in 1835 following a huge public outcry, Bull baiting was finally banned. This made way to the sport of ratting where rats were left in pits with a dog and wagers placed on number of rats killed. In order to improve the agility of the bulldog, they started mating them with terriers. Thus, the birth of modern day pit bull terriers.

Unfortunately, following the practice of ratting, dogfighting too began. The practice was exported to America along with the pit bull breed and they became an integral part of the American history too. Then in 1884, the American Kennel Club actually rejected pit bulls because they were used in dog fights. In response the United Kennel Club was formed that then gave a formal recognition to the breed. It was also when dog fighting was organized with rules and regulations to provide it with a base for survival.

Buying a Pit Bull

If you have decided to buy a Pit Bull Terrier then you need to make sure that you purchase your dog or puppy from a reputable vendor. Some people will advertise prices online, meeting at an anonymous location like a self-storage chain. Beware of these sellers, they are unscrupulous and likely haven’t taken care of their dogs. This is just a business transaction for them, and the animal’s health comes as a secondary concern (if at all). Always buy through a reputable channel, getting the correct paperwork and vet checks.