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The Pitbull

The American Pit Bull Terrier or as it is more commonly referred to as simply, “Pit Bull” is a maligned breed that has got a bad reputation for decades now due to the actions and greed of a few scrupulous individuals who saw an opportunity to exploit a specific breed and its tendency to train easily.

After decades of bans across the US, now many states are repealing the archaic laws allowing the blame to fall squarely on the owners instead of this breed. In fact, there was a time prior to the 80s when the Doberman Pincher breed was considered for a similar ban but as it turned out, the Pitbull received the ban ultimately.

Our objective is to inform people that Pit Bulls make for excellent pets and that they are really not creatures to fear. In fact, they are excellent family dogs when trained properly. Come read on and find out the truth on Pit Bulls.

“Pit Bulls are not Terrorists”